Matugga Distillers

Matugga Distillers – founded by husband and wife Paul and Jacine Rutasikwa, has a passion for showcasing the most flavoursome aspects of the global rum category and is carving out its own niche as a producer of innovative and experimental rums. The team produces Matugga Rum – an award-winning series of artisanal golden and spiced rums ‘crafted with African soul,’ and distilled from scratch at their distillery in Livingston.

Every batch of spirit is meticulously overseen by Head Distiller Paul, using 100% copper pot distillation. A civil engineer by profession, Paul perfected his distilling techniques with world-class industry leaders at Heriot-Watt University.

The distillery has exciting growth plans and is currently developing an expanded rum portfolio of innovative new products and barrel-aged expressions that are characterised by intriguing African-inspired flavours, Scottish natural produce and careful cask selection.

Product Range

Matugga Spiced Rum

A rich and aromatic artisanal rum of nuanced complexity. Infused with a tantalising age-old Masala Chai blend of black tea, fresh ginger and fragrant natural spices. Enjoy on its own, on ice, or mix with ginger ale and a slice of lime.

Matugga Golden Rum

A triple distilled gourmet golden rum with an intriguing smoky character that is full of evocative, juicy tropical fruit notes. Matured in individually chosen ex-bourbon casks. Enjoy on its own, on ice, or as the base for an outstanding cocktail.

Liv Pot Distilled Rum

A high-quality small batch white rum that’s slowly-fermented and triple pot-distilled. 

Liv Navy Strength Rum

A high-quality small batch overproof white rum. Bold layers of natural flavour are drawn carefully from slowly fermented molasses and our pure copper-pot craft. 

Liv Black Spiced Rum

Warm, smooth and unbelievably moreish. It melds subtle spices, fragrant Scottish botanicals and rich molasses with our pure copper-pot craft. Sip over ice with a dash of cola and slice of lime.

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