Distilling in Scotland


According to HMRC, there are 160 distilleries operating in Scotland, making up nearly half of all distilleries in the UK but accounting for nine in ten of all Britain’s distilling jobs.

Scotland exported around £4.8bn worth of distilled spirits in 2018, an increase of 8% on 2017 and up 54% since 2008.

Over 60 of Scotland’s distilleries produce gin, generating over 140 different gin brands.

UK gin exports had another record result in 2018, rising 15% to reach £612m. The value of UK gin exports has more than doubled in value since 2010, when sales were worth just over £288 million.

Combined sales of gin, both within the UK and overseas, have now broken the £2.5 billion mark.

It is estimated that some 70-80% of UK produced gin comes from Scotland.


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