Lindores Abbey Distillery

We are a 150,000 LPA distillery based in Newborough Fife, at the same place where Tyronesian monks were distilling back in 1494.

We use local barley and water coming from a borehole next to the distillery to produce our spirit. The fermentation is happening in traditional wooden washbacks and the distillation in three Forsyth’s copper stills, one wash still and two smaller spirit stills, which allows greater copper contact, creating a clean and delicate flavour in our spirit.

Product Range

Aqua Vitae

Aqua Vitae is a botanical malt spirit produced using traditional pot stills at Lindores Abbey Distillery. Our hand crafted spirit is made through the infusion of herbs, spices and dried fruit. Some of which grow in the Abbey ruin where our distillery is situated. It is a delicious and versatile spirit, which can be enjoyed both mixed or neat.

Tasting notes: Initial light top notes of peach and pear, give away to masses of ginger, clove and cinnamon spice. Rich caramel sweetness and some lovely light herbal notes on the finish. Complex and rewarding.

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