Highland Boundary captures the unique and different flavours of Scotland, distilling them in to wild-inspired natural spirits with new and remarkable flavours. We use 100% hand-picked, Scottish botanicals to make our Wild Scottish Spirits.

Our on-farm distillery was founded in January 2016. Marian Bruce is the designer and distiller and she is helped by a small and passionate team.

We care about the environment and so we harvest our botanicals with great care and sustainably. We use only use recyclable materials in our bottling and packaging and have solar-PV and biomass energy sources for our business.

Our name comes from our location. Our farm sits on the geological feature called the Highland Boundary Fault. This is the dividing line between the highlands and lowlands of Scotland and our spirits are made using botanicals collected in the forests of the Highlands and grain spirit grown in lowlands.

Product Range

Birch and Elderflower Wild Scottish Spirit

Birch and Elderflower Wild Scottish Spirit is a clear, modern, Scottish spirit that captures the unique and unique flavours of our Scottish woodlands. We use 100% hand-picked Scottish birch buds and elderflowers from spring woodlands near our on-farm distillery. To capture the essence of the botanicals we copper distil them in our pot still and then use post-distillation infusion to produce a smooth, tantalizing and surprising flavour with a long, warm aftertaste.

Great as a frozen shot, over ice or for our perfect pour with soda water garnished with a slice of apple. Cocktails and serving suggestions at www.highlandboundary.com/how-to-serve/

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