Esker Spirits was established to produce spirits that deliver a real taste experience, complemented by mixers and garnish, not defined by them. Our spirits are distilled and bottled in our own Aberdeenshire distillery.

Product Range

Esker Gin

Over a dozen botanicals give Esker its unique depth of real flavour. Our botanicals include: juniper, pink peppercorn, cassia, silver birch sap, citrus and heather. The key botanical is silver birch sap that we tap from the trees of the beautiful Kincardine Estate. The sap adds a touch of sweetness and helps balance the other flavours. Esker is the first and only Scottish gin to use it.

Esker Honey Spiced Gin

Esker Honey Spiced Gin has Esker Gin at its base. Esker includes over a dozen botanicals including juniper, pink peppercorn, cassia and silver birch sap. Esker is the first and only Scottish gin to use silver birch sap as a botanical. Esker Honey Spiced Gin is enhanced by extra spices and honey which provides a subtle sweetness. It works well as a neat spirit, or mixed with ginger ale.

Esker Silverglas Gin

Esker Silverglas Gin is a light, refreshing gin. In addition to the core Esker botanicals including juniper, cassia and silver birch sap, there are also notes of mint and citrus. Being light in style, it is an ideal cocktail ingredient, however it makes a refreshing drink served over ice with light tonic and a fresh mint garnish.

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