Arbikie Distilling Limited

Arbikie Highland Estate is a family-owned working farm perched on the east coast of Angus. Here, the crop is king. They painstakingly plant, sow, tend and harvest the fields and farms that make up Arbikie. They are craftsmen of the soil. This is an estate profoundly shaped by its environment: the red sandstone-tinted soil, the powerful sea and the turbulent weather give Arbike a character found nowhere else. And here, situated where land meets sea, sits our distillery – created from an ancient barn, this place has all the ingredients required to produce spirits of the highest quality.

Product Range

Kirsty's Gin

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Tattie Bogle Potato Vodka

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Ak's Gin

This characterful gin is named after Alexander Kirkwood Stirling (aka AK). He’s the father of Arbikie Highland Estate distillery founders Iain, John and David, their inspiration for starting Arbikie Distillery. The spirit is created entirely on their estate using their own wheat and water. It is distilled in their copper pot still and bottled in the distillery. They’ve weaved in botanicals to give it earthy and spicy hints and fresh local honey to add a subtle smoothness. Tastes that reflect the essence of our AK.

Chilli Vodka

Arbikie Smoky Chilli Vodka soaks chipotle chillies in our award winning potato vodka until there is a perfect blend of spice and flavour. There are no extracts or flavourings in our chilli vodka.  We have focused on creating a unique drinking experience that is as much about heat as it is about enjoying the earthy smokiness of the chipotle. Arbikie Smoky Chilli Vodka consists of Arbikie Vodka, Scotland’s first potato vodka.  At Arbikie we grow, distil, and bottle on our single-estate making us a true farm to bottle operation.

Strawberry Vodka

Arbikie Strawberry Vodka is the product of nature and nurture: full of authentic flavour, pure and proudly chemical-free. Our Vodka also has its own unique vintage, because no two crops are ever the same. The fresh strawberries change subtly in flavour each year depending on the seasons’ mix of soft Scottish summer sun and capricious east coast weather. This evocative Vodka is naturally fruity, sweet, smooth and refreshing with butterscotch hints from our estate grown wheat. It has a glorious strawberry jam aroma.

Highland Rye Single Grain Scotch Whisky

Records show that rye grain was used in scotch whisky production until the late 19th century. It is this tradition we have revived. Using rye grown on our own estate, we have created a characterful Highland Rye Whisky that is bold, exciting and full of flavour. It is also proudly ‘single grain’—grain whisky produced at a single distillery. That distillery is Arbikie, where our team value tradition , authenticity and belief in our field to bottle principles.

Haar Wheat Vodka

Arbikie Wheat Vodka has the character of Haar – a soft, rolling and freezing coastal fog that frequently blankets our farm and distillery. Arbikie Haar is distilled from Zulu Wheat grown on the ‘Black Laws’ field on the Arbikie estate producing an incredibly smooth vodka with hints of caramel. Arbikie is a field to bottle distillery sitting within the Stirling family’s Arbikie Highland Estate in Scotland. We are fourth generation Angus farmers who sow, nurture, harvest, distil and bottle our spirits with an unwavering focus on provenance.

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