The regulations that will establish Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme have been published by the Scottish Government.

The regulations will commit the scheme design into law and also set out:

  • the obligations for producers and retailers
  • the framework for establishing scheme administrators
  • key dates for the introduction of the scheme

The Scottish Government is accepting feedback on the regulations until 10 December 2019 and a confirmed start date will be included when the regulations are laid before the Scottish Parliament for their final decision. The draft regulations can be read in full on the Scottish Government website where the consultation is also available.

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Making sense of the regulations

To help make sense of the regulations and what they will mean for your organisation or business, we’ve refreshed all the content on DepositReturn.Scot.

This includes a range of new FAQs and a regulations summary. We will continue to update the information and guidance throughout the coming weeks.

Read our regulations summary
Visit our FAQs page

We’ve also created a new stakeholder toolkit to help inform discussions on how deposit return could impact on your business. It includes content that you can share in your internal or external communications.

Download our Stakeholder Toolkit

Overwhelming public support for the introduction of Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme

The publication of the regulations comes as a YouGov survey shows that nearly four in five people in Scotland support the introduction of Scotland’s DRS.

The poll, commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland, shows that 77% of people in Scotland support the introduction of Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme.

We also asked people what might motivate them to return their empty bottles and cans. Helping the environment was among the public’s top picks, with 72% of people saying it would motivate them to take part in the scheme.

Press release: Scots back Deposit Return Scheme

Further information

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