Tayport Distillery has won Silver at the International Wine and Spirits competition (IWSC) and a Great Taste Award this month. Tayport Distillery has won four awards since opening in March 2018, alongside The Courier Food and Drink Awards – Best Craft Distiller and Speciality Food Best British Brand. The IWSC is a worldwide competition and Tayport Distillery were competing against established international brands within the category of fruit spirits. The Great Taste Award is the world’s most coveted food and drink awards, with 12,772 products from over 100 countries competing. Both awards are a result of blind taste tests by hundreds of judges. “We are extremely proud to have achieved these awards and look forward to further strengthening our product range using local Scottish produce.”

Tayport Distillery launched Scotland’s 1st Eau de Vie, Never.25 in March 2018 and 1992 Cassis in November 2018. Both spirits are expertly crafted with Scotland’s finest local produce, fruit and grain. Doing things differently, they create premium craft spirits utilising the delicious fruit
produced on their doorstep. A family owned and operated company, Tayport Distillery has an ambition to lead the way within the alternative spirits category.

Keeping honesty and integrity at the heart of our brand, we produce all of our spirits entirely inhouse. Our base spirit is hand-crafted by Kecia McDougall, Director and Distiller. The base spirit is a mixture of Scottish wheat and malted barley, triple distilled for a smooth mouth-feel. 50kgs of fresh fruit is then macerated within the base spirit for a month and a half, imparting the natural fruit flavour into the spirit.

Never.25 was a project inspired during the boom in gin and after 25 years of working in the NHS, Kecia began to look for a change in career. Once discovering juniper was on the scarcity list in Scotland, we began to look closer to home. Our favourite fruit hut provided the inspiration Kecia needed to pursue Eau de Vie, a spirit with fruit. Starting to experiment, Kecia began with strawberries and expanded onto raspberries, apples and then blueberries.

The project began to take flight and we needed to develop a brand that represented exactly who we are. Our family have always been story-tellers and Never.25 does not fall short. Originally from America, Kecia fell for a Scotsman, she packed her bags and boarded a plane for the UK. Excited but also upset and nervous, taking such a chance on this man, a woman on the plane said ‘ Hunny! Hunny! Don’t you worry your gonna be just fine! What is your address? I will send you something when you arrive.’ 3 weeks later, a bluebird ornament appeared with a letter saying ‘ Wishing you luck and happiness in your life!’

A touching gift from a stranger who we still do not know the name of to this day. This heart-felt story inspired the label which is embellished with memorable symbols to represent Kecia and her family. There was every intention of calling it Bluebird, and with the artwork completed we went to trademark the name, it was taken and Kecia was distraught. In the panic to find another name with just as much love and importance, Kecia and her husband forgot about their 25th Wedding Anniversary. It wasn’t until Kecia’s father-in-law rang to wish them a Happy Anniversary, she realised and shouted ‘It’s never 25 years?!’ This provided the perfect story and name for the brand. A brand who creates premium craft spirits with heart and soul.

If you have any questions or wish to get in contact, you can visit our stand or find the contact details below:

WHERE : Tayport Distillery, Tayport, Fife, DD6 9DX
EMAIL : mary@tayspirits.com
PHONE : 07837763996
WEBSITE : www.tayportdistillery.com

Never.25 Raspberry
Merchant’s Heart Floral Aromatic Tonic

Never.25 Raspberry brings us back to our childhood, reminiscing on the tart fresh raspberries we hand-picked as children on the farms. A gorgeous balance of tart and sweet our Raspberry flavour pairs brilliantly with the Merchant’s Heart Floral Aromatic Tonic.

1992 Cassis
1992 Cassis is a rich , smooth and indulgent liqueur. Add a small measure to your Prosecco to get the ideal balance of dry Prosecco with the taste of sweet and luscious blackcurrants