Scottish Gins selected to be part of world famous ATLAS Bar permanent collection in Singapore for International Scottish Gin Day (3rd August) 2019

The bar team at ATLAS Bar Singapore have carefully selected a variety of Scottish Gins to be featured as part of their forthcoming International Scottish Gin Day 2019 celebrations. Currently home to over 1,300 gins and one of the world’s most respected gin collections including gins that date back almost 100 years, the new Scottish Gins will be available on ISGD 2019 at the bar.

The new Scottish Gins will be added to ATLAS Bar’s carefully curated drinks menu under ‘Scottish Gin’ and will be featured in the permanent gin collection, which is housed in a bespoke tower in the centre of the 7,400sq ft Art Deco inspired bar.

Nadine Hosford, Group Food & Beverage Director at ATLAS said:

“ATLAS is thrilled to be celebrating International Scottish Gin Day 2019! With the support from The Gin Cooperative, we have expanded our current Scottish collection of 72 gins to an amazing 97 with the addition of 25 new Scottish Gins added to our Gin Collection to kick off the ISGD 2019 celebration. Prior to working with The Gin Cooperative, these gins were not available in Singapore. The personal warmth and passion of the Scottish distillers has made it possible that the Scottish Gins have a little special place in our hearts (and gin tower) and are helping us to let Singapore discover the craft side of Scottish Gin.”

Organised and coordinated by The Gin Cooperative, a Scottish business that was established in 2017 to help promote and share the story of Scottish Gin, it’s hoped this collaborative approach of getting Scottish Gins into the hands of some of the best bartenders and bars in the world will lead to further opportunities for the brands involved.

Natalie Reid, Co-Founder of The Gin Cooperative and International Scottish Gin Day said:

“We invited ATLAS Bar to select a number of Scottish Gins for use in a special International Scottish Gin Day menu, which will be available on the day. After some careful consideration, the team told us the gins they would like to work with so we arranged for them to be sent. It’s yet another indicator of brand Scotland and Scotland’s growing reputation as a gin producing country, that one of the world’s most respected gin bars is taking part in International Scottish Gin Day and are helping us share the story of Scottish Gin in Singapore.

“We’ve coordinated events for the day with a number of the world’s best bars including bars in Athens, Melbourne, Barcelona and London. It’s great for us to see all our hard work over the last 18 months resulting in some brilliant collaborations with highly respected and admired bars.”

Lorien Cameron Ross, Distiller and Co-Founder at Loch Ness Spirits whose gin will be featured as part of the ISGD event said:

“We’re excited to have our gin, which is made on the shores of Loch Ness, selected by the team at ATLAS bar to be part of their official International Scottish Gin Day celebrations. It’s fantastic to think that on International Scottish Gin Day gin drinkers will have the chance to enjoy our product in one of the world’s best bars.”

There will be a number of specially created Scottish Gin Cocktails available at ATLAS on ISGD 2019 along with the new Scottish Gins that include:

Electric Spirit Co.’s Achroous Gin, Loch Ness Spirits’ Loch Ness Legends Gin, Pixel Spirits’ Devil’s Staircase Gin, Raven Spirits’ Hrafn Gin Thought & Memory, The Gael Spirits Company’s The Gael Gin, Alexander’s Alexander’s Gin, BrewDog Distilling Co.’s LoneWolf Gin, Crafty Distillery’s Hills & Harbour Gin, Deerness Distillery’s Sea Glass Gin, Fidra’s Fidra Gin, Granite North’s Granite North Gin, Highland Liquor Co.’s Seven Crofts Gin, Isle of Harris Distillers’ Isle of Harris Gin, Kinrara Distillery’s Kinrara Gin, Lost Loch Distillery’s eeNoo Gin, Lundin Distilling’s Gorse Coastal Gin, The Wee Farm Distillery’s Drovers Gin, Isle of Skye Distillers’ Misty Isle Gin, Beinn an Tuirc’s Kintyre Gin, Esker Spirits’ Esker Gin, Lussa Drinks Company’s Lussa Gin, The Pentland Still’s King’s Hill Gin, Orkney Distilling’s Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin, Hendrick’s Orbium Gin, Ice & Fire Distillery’s Caithness Highland Gin